One day I was surfing on Facebook and I saw a post of my friend which was related to a pokie and that name of that contest was doctor doctor, when I saw that my childhood memories got refreshed for a moment but seeing that it was a game, I started laughing but seriously it was not any kind of jokes, it was a slot machine which could be played with real money.

I didn’t like to play on online casinos but one day when I was in airplane and travelling to Canberra, I saw a person winning a huge amount in it and I started playing that, and if you try it once then you are not going to forget this and when I played casino once, I got fond of those events. I wanted to play that event so I went to a website which was allowing playing that slot.

There was an offer on website that if I would buy ten spins then I will got ten more spins for free, it was a bonus to me so I bought ten spins with my PayPal account and won ten more. I went through some reviews before playing and when I had done reviewing I started playing that and I found that it was a fruit machine with some fruity symbols like cherries, apples, bananas and orange etc.

Object in that fruit machine was same as been in others, I had to match symbols across the payline and different fruit matching will results differently, during the play I had matched bananas symbols by which I was prized for 50 bucks and I had matched symbol 7 across the payline which resulted as a huge jackpot of 500 bucks, I played many spins and won 30 percent of them but even my total won prize was heavy on lost spins and I had enjoyed that contest so much.