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Secret Garden Slot Machine

The Secret Garden is a 5-reel slot machine with 25 pay lines created by Australian gaming company – Eyecon. The Garden is a secret gem that is only accessible to those who can find it. As the title indicates, the theme is a beautiful garden with stunning plants and various animals. All of these are worth different amounts on the game’s paytable.

This game contains a chance to play in “Autoplay” mode. This mode of Secret Garden allows players to choose the amount of money they want the computer to stake each spin and the conditions at which the game will stop – a significant win or several consecutive losses.

The player can tell the computer they want to play 10, 20, or 50 games while sitting back and watching the action without doing anything. This is certainly possible and a benefit to those in a hurry. However, the Secret Garden deserves all our attention. It’s a great game, mainly because it has such beautiful graphics.

The Colours of the Rainbow

Secret Garden, an online slot machine game, is full of clashing images and colorsThe growing popularity of online casinos has led to more significant funding for the developers.

Secret Garden does not need to have CGI-like graphics. This is a cute game that doesn’t aim to be a slot machine. That’s all action and blood. To go with the theme, the background of the reels is just leaving.

This game is a whiff of fresh air for online casinos. A thick tree trunk runs up the left side of the screen. The foreground has a forest. It is a little overgrown but needs to be more to deter players from a colorful game.

Bright and Chirpy Reels

The in-game functions are all completed in dark colors. The font is equivalent to the one used to create the path, so it can be challenging to find. The font, however, is bright white and makes it easy for the competitors to understand the purpose of each infographic.

By clicking on the icon, players can adjust their stakes. Total stakes range from 1 to 30 coins. Above the reels is the amount wagered, along with the credits remaining in the account and any winnings. Slot players can choose how many lines are included in their stake. This option ranges from 1 up to 25.

The amount you choose will affect the stake. Those who aren’t concerned about winning but want to have fun should keep this in mind when deciding how many lines to play.

It’s not surprising that the majority of icons in the Secret Garden slots game relate to the theme. It’s a good thing that the developers of this game didn’t just create stereotypical icons like Jack, Queen, or King. Eyecon has decided to include the symbols in the Secret Garden paytable: Golden Garden Lock, Sunflower, Yellow Flower, Mushroom, and Tree.

Secret Bonuses That Are Worth Screaming About

Secret Garden is an online slot game with fantastic displays and reels. It is infallible to be an impact on players from all over the world. The symbols are adorable, and the background is bright, relaxing, and soothing. Bonuses are plentiful – watch out for the Golden Garden Lock, the wild symbol that multiplies all winnings. You’ve been warned. Not every day you are told about such a great secret.

Secret Garden is an excellent slot game that you should play right away. But let’s keep it between us, okay?