I am very fond of a game that’s why I always get some time for it. Even during office hours I manage time for it. In fact I bought a new android phone for these so I can play anytime, anywhere. Few years before my friend told me about some gambling and all stuff and when I tried that first time that attracted me so after that day I spend my some salary on it.

Recently I am playing with a new slot machine named king cashalot which was recently launched by the microgaming company. Yesterday I was reading some about that one and I found a lot of people like to play with it. And with this the chances of winning also increase.

If I talk about this one so it is 5 reel 3 payline machines, which is also based on the theme in which you have 243 ways of winning this. It shows with the graphics and animation that founder of this has done a fabulous work on it. The best benefit of all these online casino game are, these can be played very easily on phone, with less effort, without travel here and there.

If I tell you about mine then whenever I start playing with any slots, first thing I do check the online reviews of that game and the rule and tips which can help me for playing. After all the research I find the some free spins or credits on the website. Then I buy credits for playing more. If you want to play big or win a jackpot with a big and handsome amount then you should play it. Or there are so many games which everyone can play like blackjack, keno, Asian beauty, loaded pokies, baccarat and many more.

One more thing I should remember that whatever gaming site I choose to play it has to be safe for transaction of money. So keep in mind all the tips, play safe!!